Let’s get planning

Great news (and a great time to start our blog!) weddings are back!

If you’ve been postponing, rescheduling and stressing for the last 12 months then hopefully you can get excited again now. Maybe you’re newly engaged and starting the planning journey. Either way we can help!

So lets look at the dates that are getting us back to the new normal…

8th March
Meet one person outdoors. Finally chance to chat to the bestie face to face. Maybe you’ve got an important question to ask them? Our Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid gifts are perfect to pop the question or say thank you for supporting you through the twists and turns of lockdown wedding planning!

29th March
Rule of 6 is no more outdoors! Grab a picnic blanket and the fizz and get the girls together. You’ll need a notebook to keep all your ideas safe…

12th April
Shops are open. Get Team Bride together, outdoors, and let them know they’re part of the bride squad with this glittery badge, and get trying on those dresses and shoes!

If you’ve got your dress already then finally you can try it on!

And of course there is the hen do to plan!

17th May
With the world beginning to open up maybe you’re thinking further afield for the hen do, and of course the honeymoon!!!

As weddings get larger too then maybe you’re preparing for the big day (finally!) and we have cards, and gifts, to leave a little love note for your other half when you’re waiting to see them at the end of the aisle.

21st June
With any luck this is the date when we start saying ‘remember when we couldn’t hug/dance/visit each other (fingers tightly crossed!). If your big day is booked then why not treat your bride squad to a box of treats for the morning when you’re all getting ready.

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